Monday, 22 November 2010

90 day gym challenge

Recently I was thinking about how I've been a member of the gym/pool for nearly 6 months, but in that time I've only lost about 5kg, hardly a large amount and certainly not what you'd expect when someone goes to the gym. Of course I haven't been consistant, and that's been a big factor in not losing much weight. What can I do about it? Have a 90 days at the gym/pool challenge. I have to go 90 days in a row. That's certainly possible, except the days when the gym is closed (Christmas day is the only day it'll be shut probably). It's so easy to not keep a routine with the gym, so I think going every day is a good idea. I also want to track my kilojoules consumed and the whole saving for an iPod Touch needs to be done. Here's what I've been up to so far:

Monday 15th November
Treadmill: 3 min at 5km/hr walking, 3 min at 7km/hr running, repeated 10 times (30 minutes running in total)

Tuesday 16th
I have decided to start swimming. Freestyle. I was amazed how tiring it is, but it's been years since I've done it. Only managed 2 minutes.

Wednesday 17th
I wouldn't have gone to the pool today (very tired) normally, so I just went swimming for 2 minutes. That counts.

Thursday 18th
Swimming: 2 minutes freestyle and 4 x 1 minute (with breaks in between) totalling 6 minutes. It's still hard, I can't believe that I can only swim for 2 minutes before needing a break, in the past I've been able to swim for 1.5km (but that was breast stroke - a lot easier).

Friday 19th
Only did 2 minutes again of swimming. I'm not going to get very far at this rate!

Saturday 20th
Again 2 minutes of swimming. I did it before work, and didn't have much time, so left it at 2 minutes (plus the pool was really busy). In the evening, I went to a party. I had 4 chocolates there, which I feel is a good accomplishment. Energy consumed: 6715kJ.

Sunday 21st
Finally getting into the exercise thing. I did 10 lengths (25 metres) with a short break in between each length. 7 days in a row at the gym/pool, it's a good start. About 7,300kJ of food.

Monday 22nd 83.6kg
Today I start the saving for the iPod Touch. That's $20 a week, less food that could be considered poor food choices. Of course, I had a coffee and slice to mark the occasion, because that's the sort of thing I do. Total saved: $-9.40. I'll be having another one on Thursday (hopefully) to celebrate the purchase of something. At the pool I did 16 lengths (25 metres) which I'm pretty pleased with. Of course, it's one length at a time. 9,300kj.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Aiming for April...

I've been thinking about the whole 2 years to get to goal thing. That's an awfully long time, and I have been thinking that maybe I'll see if I can achieve the same rate of weight loss achieved by the participants in the Thinspiration programme. After more thinking about the whole thing, I decided to see whether I could achieve goal weight in April next year. This would require determination, exercise and dieting. Can I do it? Maybe. I've decided to give myself 2 months to decide whether to do it or not. The plan is: exercise 2-3 times a day, diet at 6,500kj (I really have no idea how much of an energy deficit this produces, since I don't know my lean body mass). I'll keep a food and exercise journal on this blog. I have to admit that I'm not that much of a sticker to plans, so I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up. I can give up at any time, and just go back to dieting at a much slower rate. I also may simply not have enough time to do 2-3 exercise sessions a day. I don't know.

It's nearly 11pm on Wednesday night, and at midnight, I'll start. I'll keep you up to date, and probably post every 3-4 days with my food and exercise details. I won't weigh myself until Saturday, since there is bound to be a loss right at the start, as my body empty's out.