Saturday, 16 July 2011

I feel like I'm drifting backwards

My weight loss has stalled and I feel like I'm drifting backwards. Slowly. I'm not really sure why this has happened now, but I've got stresses about to happen soon and I really want to get my eating and exercise back in order.

This post is an acknowledgement of the situation and from the moment I post this, I shall try as hard as I can to work on my eating almost the same thing every day, and exercise the amount I know that I can do.

I haven't weighed myself but I don't think that the 'damage' is too great, but I'm going to leave it a week to prevent any nasty shocks.

I had 18 weeks of losses, I've probably had a few gains now, but I know I can go back to a string of losses again reasonably easy.

I'll check in next Saturday a week from now with the damage.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Losses 18 weeks in a row

Graph indicates weekly loss in kilograms

I gained weight this week. That's not too much of a big deal because for the previous 18 Mondays, my weight has decreased each week. I guess it had to end sometime, and today it has ended. It's an achievement that I didn't expect to have, I've done 7 weeks in a row before a few times, but I honestly didn't expect to lose so many times in a row.

So why did it end? Three reasons came to mind:

1. My computer had a fault, so I couldn't update my spreadsheet. No spreadsheet = not worth weighing myself = temporarily ate more.

2. I had some stress. Most people eat more under stress. There was a mad rush to tidy my home because the owner came around to look at the living room and see if the room needed painting. I am not a tidy person, and I dread the owner coming around to look at the place.

3. I restarted the medicine I blogged about a few weeks ago. I had to stop taking it for some reason, and then starting again made me tired just like it did before. Tiredness = increased appetite.

Anyway, that's over and I'm restarting the clock and seeing how many weeks I can last this time. How did I manage 18 weeks? Regular readers will probably know the answer:

I am eating almost exactly the same thing every day, in almost exactly the same quantities, with rewards at appropriate times.

This post details how I'm doing it.

So I'm back to week zero. I probably won't surpass 18 weeks because I'll have finished my weight loss by then (the last 3 months will have the reintroduction of other foods so I expect my weight to fluctuate more than it is at the moment).