Thursday, 12 April 2012

Breakup gain lost - 8 1/2 months later

In June last year I started gaining weight, just before I became single. In total, I gained about 10 kilograms, which for me is a substantial amount of weight. The reason for the gain was my difficulty adjusting to the single life, and worries about money, which starts off a junk food buying reflex. I have pleasure in saying that I've lost that weight. This graph shows how I handled it:

As you can see there is a bit of a gain at the start of December. That gain resulted in an delay of about 3 months in posting that I've lost all of this additional weight. 8 1/2 months in total wasted, which is a long time. But it's gone. I don't dwell on the past, so I won't here. It's gone and that's the last I'm thinking about it.

However, because I am now at a new low, I've pleasure in saying that I'm at the lowest weight in over 8 years, as this graph shows:

Back to early February 2004. That's a long time ago, and it's nice to be going back to the weight that I was then. But there is still a lot of weight to lose. I'm 2/3 through my weight loss. But there is still 1/3 to go. I'm dawdling through this trip, with no real system or control. That has to stop.


Let's talk about food. I haven't been eating to plan, I've been having too many 'treats', and I really don't need them. I have two planned treats a week. That should be enough. Further more, my Tuesday treat has included a small chocolate bar, well that has to stop. It never used to be like that, I started about a year ago and have just been carrying on since. I don't need it, I can go without it for a short time I'm sure. I did it before, I can do it again.

Let's talk about exercise. I plugged in the Kinect extension for my Xbox 360, and started playing the game Your Shape, Fitness Evolved. I have to say that it's a good game. Really good. I don't think I'll ever join a gym again. Not that I was planning to anyway, but I'm canceling my gym membership (even though I haven't used it this year...). The game has a number of sections, but the personal trainer section is the one I use. You just do things such as jumping, squating, all sorts of things. I haven't done any of these before in my life, so it's new to me.

The best part of it is that I can have three exercise sessions a day. For me, that's really important. In the first half of last year I was going to the pool twice a day. That takes up a huge amount of time. At the moment, playing the Kinect takes up an equivalent amount of time, because I'm not fit, and after an exercise session I need a sleep. I really was unfit, there is an energy used counter and I have to say that I feel a bit sad that I needed a sleep after exercising 120kj - about one quarter of an apple in food equivalent. But the longest I can go is ever increasing, and I'm not yet finished. I'm hoping that I won't need a sleep after each session, so I'll keep my profile set at "Beginner" and hope that it won't be too hard for me. In case you were wondering, yes I have energy issues (health related).

Let's talk about weight. In the last week I've lost about 300 grams and in the last month I've lost a couple of kilograms. That's really not enough. I'm on a time schedule, I'm meant to be leaving the country in August, but also I'm meant to be doing other things before I leave. I need to get my act sorted.

So the plan is to just get started with eating properly, and exercising as much as I can. 9 kilograms to go. I'll try and make it as fast and consistent as I can, starting today.