Saturday, 31 January 2015

How long can I go without sugar?

Current weight: 80.0kg

I don't know why, but I stopped dieting just after the last post at the start of January.  Or maybe I do know why, sometimes I get burnt out with dieting, and need a pause.  That has happened numerous times in my weight loss history and may continue to happen.  One thing that I noticed for January was my dependence of sugar.  I was having it pretty much every day.  I was also setting myself up for the sugary meal to be quite enjoyable, providing a feedback loop that maintained itself for some time.

Of course this is all bad news for trying to lose weight.  So my question is: how long can I go without sugar?  I'll have some sugar just before midnight and see how long I can go in February.  I don't want to guess how long it'll be, I have a birthday later on in the month, for which I will definitely have sugar, but apart from that, who knows.