Monday, 25 January 2010

Weigh in

This week started off well, then I suddenly started gaining weight. I'm not exactly sure why, I have a few guesses, but I'm hoping that because I'm "good" at the moment, things will improve.

On Thursday I had a swim and then saw Paranormal. It was a boring film, I wouldn't recommend seeing it. However, that night and the next one I was a bit scared about going to the toilet in the middle of the night. On Thursday I was 4.5kg above what I should be.

Friday I bought coffee, I was 4.4kg above what I should be. Then I suddenly started gaining, I'm 87.6kg now, which means I throw away a shirt (a gain of 300g from last week). That makes a total of 5 shirts so I'd better keep control of things.

I'm wanting to see The Lovely Bones so I'd better maintain control of things.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Weigh in

I weighed in yesterday at 87.3kg, which of course is up from the previous Monday, due to my changing to high carb from low carb. That's expected, so my whole motivation system is stalled while I readjust everything. If I go back to low carb (I may do so in March) I'll just add an amount to my low carb weight, to stop having similar problems when I go back to high carb.

What differences did I notice from the change? Not much, feeling bloated due to all the volume, it was nice to have a full stomach feeling again. Also, on the downside, my mental clarity doesn't seem as good. It's impossible to explain, so I won't bother.

I have decided to slow down the loss when I am close to goal, initially the idea was to go to 70g/day loss for the last 5kg, I've decided to keep that and add the last 2kg I'll lose by 30g/day. That adds about a month to the weight loss, and unfortunately means that my whole weight loss will (hopefully!) take just a bit longer than a year. I'm confident that everything will go to plan, as I'm now I've done the longest continuous weight loss is the last 10 years (4 1/2 months). However, of course, I'm not even half way, so who knows what will happen?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

From low carb to low fat

Halfway through the week I decided to stop doing the low carb thing, and see how low fat is in comparison. There is really nothing wrong with low carb, except it's boring and I never really feel full. I'm sure low fat has its faults as well. Because I'm switching over, I'll be gaining weight (but not fat) so this means that Mondays weigh in will not count as I will assume I'll be heavier. I'll go back to 100g of protein again, just in case I need it.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Weigh in

Well, I did it. I wasn't sure if it would happen this week, but I weighed in less than previously, so no throwing away shirts. 86.6kg. The low carb has done what was needed. So I now have a new motivation system as said earlier, I currently am 2.9kg above what I should be right now. That's quite a bit, effectively a month behind. The three main motivations (coffee, swim, film) are now based on that value, if I am above what I was the last time I did one of those three things, I can't have/do any. I have to lose 100g each day, effectively. As to how much that excess value will drop, and how fast, I have no idea. I'll just see what happens.

The whole blog project is going really well. I'm seeing people now who have lost consecutively for two months. Ok, that's not a long time, and over half didn't make it (which is really sad, I can't think of any other thing which is 95% unsuccessful) but it's nice to get a list of people who are losing consistently. I just wish I did this ages ago, before I started losing weight, so they could give me encouragement. Maybe I'll post the list when it is 5 or 10 long.

I have decided to reduce the amount of protein I have each day to 95 grams from 100. The reason is that each day I move 125g of whey powder from the large container that it comes in into a smaller container. Well, that smaller container is now full. I could still have 125g a day and not run out for the rest of the 100g protein a day for 100 days challenge. It also means that I save $80 over the next 220 days.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Rewards and things

As you probably know, I have a reward for each kilogram lost. Because I have 28 kilograms to lose, that means 28 rewards, quite a lot to decide on. I think that's why I haven't had the seven so far, simply because I can't decide what to get. Anyway, in the last few days I have got two rewards, I've only had one reward before (a new pair of jeans to be worn at goal), early in the week I bought a new watch. My old watch had a battery that was about to die, so when I saw the new watch, I decided to buy it, it's not a 'proper' reward, in the sense that I would have bought a new watch eventually, but because I have a few rewards to use, I decided to buy it now. As you can see, it's just an average digital watch, but it's totally white, which is something I'm not used to having. Just a bit of a change, really.

A few months ago, I attempted to walk up the hill overlooking my city, quite a high hill, something I haven't done before. Half way up, it started raining, so I abandoned the walk and left it for a bit. Well, I did it to completion on Thursday. It took longer than expected, 4 1/2 hours, and because I started late in the day (about 6pm) by the time I was nearly finished, it was getting pretty dark. However, I'm really pleased to say that I've achieved it! Whenever I see that hill now (which is almost daily) I can say to myself that I have walked up it. I've done bits over the years, I went for walks about 20 years ago with my former partner, who died about 7 years ago. Some of it I remembered, some I didn't. It was well worth it, although my legs are pretty sore, and probably will be for a few days. I want to do this again, 10kg lighter, and again just before goal. I'm hoping that I won't be so sore then. I really want to have more experiences as rewards, the sort of thing I say to myself "one day I will do that".

As for the losing weight thing - things aren't as good. I haven't weighed myself since Monday, which is not a good sign. However, I am doing low carb for 3 days before the next weigh in on Monday. By then my weight would have stabilised. That's the problem with low carb, your weight fluctuates so much when you eat/don't eat carbs. I went to see Bandslam on Tuesday, but because I hadn't weighed myself then, I'll take the option of every 3 months, I'm allowed to go and see a film even if I haven't lost weight. I also went swimming on Tuesday, I haven't gone in at least a month, so no problems there in terms of my motivation system. I've run out of coffee, and will get some on Monday. I'm thinking of swimming on a Monday, Tuesday will be when I usually see a film, and Thursday I'll usually get coffee. As I've said in a recent post, I can't be further away from green line in a previous graph, before I can have a swim/see a film/buy coffee. The green line drops by 100g a day.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Weigh in

This week hasn't been that good in terms of losing weight (I gained 300g), I seem to have slightly lost some focus. Maybe because I haven't been swimming or seen a film lately, which I plan to change. I guess if I choose to not go swimming or see a film (when I am allowed) then it removes motivation. Lucky for me, there are some films that I want to see in the next two or three weeks. Also I'll be throwing away one more shirt, I have three shirts that need to be thrown away.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I have a number of things that I want to achieve this year, one of course is losing weight and reaching goal. Someone on another blog posted these questions, I'll fill them in as time permits as I'm working today and on the weekend.

How much weight do you want to lose?
I want to lose another 21kg

What is the timeframe for reaching your target weight?
It should ideally be done in 230 days, but I'll be happy by the end of 2010

How do you want to accomplish your goal (what methods do you want to use)?
Motivation is 80% of my losing weight, the rest is what I eat (mainly high protein)

Who or what can support you in reaching your goal?
Just me I guess, plus this blog and my motivation system

How realistic is your goal?
Very, since I was at goal for a year when I was 34 (then I broke my arm...)

When will you start?
I started at 3rd September 2009

What is your current height and weight?
You're not going to calculate BMI, are you? Sneaky. You knew that BMI is for large populations, not individuals, didn't you? And the height should be to a power of about 2.6, try doing that on a four function calculator.

If you were at an ideal weight now, what would that weight be?
66kg, but I reserve the right to go lower (or higher, if needs arise)

At what weight would you like to be at four months from now?
4 x 30 = 120 days, at 100g/day that's 12kg loss from my current 87kg = 75kg.

Why do you want to lose weight?
A number of reasons, probably the greatest is that I like being slim.

Do you want to lose weight for a specific life event such as wedding or reunion? If so, when is that event?
I did want to lose weight for a high school reunion, but I blew that idea. See my theory on weight loss in my first posting on the blog.

What obstacles could get between you and your weight loss goals?
Any number, I hate to think of them all. I have decided that if I have a stay in hospital, I won't try to lose then.

Why do you think that you now have a weight problem?
The hormonal feedback mechanism in my body is broken. It's not like I was eating a large amount extra, it's equivalent to an extra apple a day.

What lifestyle changes do you think would help you lose weight?
Cutting back on food, that's pretty much it.

Have you lost weight in the past? If so, what has worked in the past to help you lose weight?
Yes, eating protein helped, also having a scale in the middle of my bedroom helped, but since I'm sharing a bedroom I don't think it's a good idea.

Why do you believe that you did not lose weight or you gained the weight back?
Being around someone who ate junk food continually doesn't help, and unlimited supply of free junk food, I've never been in that environment before.

What, if anything, has not worked for you in the past in helping you to lose weight?
Lots of things, but the wrong motivation isn't good.

Why do you think it did not work?
Because it's wrong...

Would you try writing down all food and drink consumed for a given period of time?
I've tried it, and I hated it. I only last a few days.

Do you cook at home often? If so, what do you cook?
I hate to cook, I can't see how people can lose weight when they cook often.

How often do you go out to eat? Where do you go?
I enjoy a coffee and slice of cake far too often, just go to local cafes etc.

What are your three favorite foods?
Apples, ice cream, mixed veges.

What are your three favorite restaurants?
I'm not a restaurant frequenter really.

What are three things you can do differently when it comes to food?
1. Eat less 2. Eat less 3. Eat less.

If you woke up tomorrow and your body was exactly the way you want it, what would be different?
My weight.

Do you eat when you are not hungry?
Who doesn't?

Do you binge eat (large amounts at a time)?

Do you hide your food or eat in secret?

Do you eat when you are sad, nervous, or depressed?
Who doesn't?

Do you eat as a reward?
Yes, too much.

Do you eat while watching TV or using the computer?

What do you normally eat for a meal?
It varies substantially.

What type of snacks do you eat?
It varies a lot.

In terms of exercise, what, if anything, are you currently doing?

Where do you go for exercise? A local public gym? School/work gym? Home?
See above.

What, if anything, are your three favorite types of exercise?

What is your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly motivation to move towards your goals?
I have a 4 day motivation system to lose weight, see my first posting.

Do you have rewards for certain goals?