Monday, 25 April 2016

Week two update

A slightly late update of now my weight loss is going

Wednesday 13th April 19.8kg to lose
Thursday 14th 19.4kg
Sunday 17th 18.9kg
Monday 18th 19.1kg

So I am definitely losing weight, but it's rather slow, and I haven't gone low carb yet.

Of course, it's taking longer than I would like.

This is just a short posting, more later on.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Week one update

So I have weighed myself and the results aren't pretty.  They aren't atrocious, just something that I didn't want to see again.  I hit 20+kg above goal weight.  I am the definition of a yo-yo dieter.

Friday 8th April 86.4kg (20.4kg above goal weight)
Saturday 9th 86.25kg
Monday 11th 85.6kg

I haven't reached full low carb, and I am having a reward meal whenever I lose half a kilogram, so I have had one so far, plus also I have something nice on a Sunday, the end of the working week for me.

So I am losing weight right now, and that's good, but I have a long, long way to go.

One motivation is that I won't have a haircut until I weigh less than I did at the previous haircut, I am overdue, so there's that to help me.

I will probably update once a week, plus exercise will happen in the next couple of week.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Things aren't going to plan...

It's been a whopping four months since I have posted.  That's really long and I look back and see a number of issues, and subsequent weight gain.  This blog is about weight loss!  Not weight gain.  But we've all been there.

I won't blather on about the whys and what fors, basically I worked out what was the problem with my eating pattern.  From now on, I will post what I am eating regularly here on the blog.  I managed to lose weight using this blog, and I don't see why that can't happen again.

Weigh-in is on Sunday morning, I'll be going low carb until then.  I think that I have reached a level of sugar dependency that is unhealthy and costly, too.  Low carb should be able to control most of that.

So yeah, I'm back, ready for action, and about to lose weight and get back to goal weight.  I will post an update on Sunday.  See you then.