Monday, 28 August 2017

Another month losing, but...

So I've lost weight again in August, that means 6 months in a row (yay!) of losing.  The sad news is that on the 22nd of August, I weighed 82.3 kilograms, a loss of 450 grams from July.  A loss is a loss, but yes, it's pretty tiny.  At this rate, we're talking years to reach goal weight.

It's kind of obvious that low carb isn't my thing, so I'm going high carb, and forgetting low carb for a while.  I don't know when I successfully did it for more than a week, that would have been at least a few years ago.

No more low carb attempts until at least January next year.

Now that's out of the way, tomorrow I start counting kilojoules again, aiming to eat healthy and setting my goal intake at 6,000 kilojoules a day.  That's achievable.

As for the soft drink, well today I did buy some, but it was diet soft drink.  I'm okay with buying diet soft drink.  I do consider it to be a bit of a waste of money, but it's not "empty kilojoules".

I'll check in as often as I can.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

No more buying soft drink

I've decided to stop buying soft drink.  I don't actually drink much, but I really want to speed up the weight loss, and stopping buying soft drink is a way to get the weight loss back into my mind more.  Also, getting off sugar.  So from now on, I'm not allowed to buy soft drink when I'm alone.  When I'm seeing someone, I'm allowed to buy it in their presence, but that is likely to be months away.  People can buy it for me, should that ever happen.

Sorry about the brevity of this blog posting, I'm not very talkative right now.  Catch you later.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Monthly goal achieved

So good news, I lost weight again in July.  I didn't lose much compared to June, but every little bit counts.  I weighed 82.75 last Monday.  That's a loss of 750 grams in a month, hardly anything but still greater than zero.  I'm still struggling to go low carb, who knows why.  See you soon.