Sunday, 30 June 2013

Caved in and bought a scale

Yeah, it's one of those old style spring scales.  Although I had the intention of measuring myself with a tape measure while I was here in the Philippines, measurement is such a pain compared to just standing on the scale and taking an average.  So I just went to the local mall to buy one.  Even though the Philippines is a '3rd world country', there are a surprisingly large number of people here who are overweight.  Not many who you'd class as obese though.  Being overweight has been common for a long time though, I remember reading about research done on peoples weights 100 years ago in the US, and 1/3 were overweight.  That number hasn't really changed, although the number of obese people in affluent countries has ballooned from just a few percent to about 1/4-1/3.

Life here is the Philippines is fine.  I do have a bit of trouble enjoying it as much as I'd like, mainly due to depression and anxiety issues.  Also, the wildlife inside the home is a bit of an issue.  Mosquitoes, ants, other creepy crawlies of varying sizes (a few cockroach sized animals that I don't know the names of).  But the worst would have to be the lizards.  They come inside the house and can't figure out how to get out.  There is a nest of lizards a few metres outside the bedroom window.  I could catch them and take them elsewhere, but the idea of catching lizards (the biggest are about 10cm long) sort of freaks me out.  Generally I see a lizard inside the house once every few days.

Things are going fine with being with Miss Mindanao, she's commented about coming with me to New Zealand a few times, but there are a number of reasons why that would be a bad idea.  For one thing, I can't afford it.  I'd have to support her for a year or two before she gets a work permit, I just don't have the money.

Currently, I'm at 72kg, which is about 6kg above goal weight.  I've decided to take the easy route and lose weight about 1kg a month, until I reach goal.  I've done the 1kg/month thing before, and it must be 10 times easier than losing say 1kg a week.