Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 - plans for reaching goal weight

Monday 9th Jan - 78.8kg
Monday 16th Jan - 78.5kg

2012 - according to the Mayan calendar, this could be our final year on the planet. I'm slightly dubious of that, but my chances of dying by asteroid collision with Earth is about the same as me dying by an air crash.

Anyway, weight loss. I gained over Christmas/New Year. This was the first time that happened, the last two Christmas/New Year periods I lost. It probably had to do with me spending Christmas day alone. That's a bit of a downer. Same with New Years eve.

I now have 12.5kg to go to reach goal weight, and I want to reach it this year. That's about 35 grams a day, if I want to reach it by the end of the year. That's entirely doable by just diet alone. But I want to reach it sooner. That means exercise. Walking and running.

About 20 days ago, I started a 100 day running challenge. It was going well, until last night. I just forgot. I went out in the evening to see a film (Darkest Hour - a reasonably enjoyable film) and bused back home. My car has a problem with the fuel pump, it'll get fixed in the next week. I ended up Skyping (video calling on my computer) and just forgot to have a run. Guess what? My 100 day challenge restarts. I want to have a self-challenge that I actually get to complete.

I have a lot of spare time, so I want to walk. Walking is ideal for someone with a lot of time. Every day, I want to go for a long walk. I'm sure that will help with the weight loss.

I have signed up for a group weigh-in at a very popular website. 1700 people signed up, a huge number. Only about 10% will post their weights by the end of the 3 months, and I want to be one of them. But more than that, I want to weigh less with each weigh-in. With the previous 3 month group weigh-in, only 3 people (one medium weight, two heavy) had each weigh-in lower than the previous out of 1000 starters. I want to be one of them this time. I have faith that I can do this, I've done it before.

Tomorrow, I start with my 'perfect eating' graphic. If I eat perfectly, I get a green square. Otherwise, it's red. I've done this before, and it's helped. Not a lot, but it's helped.

I want to reach goal weight somewhere between June and August. Is that achievable? Definitely. I'm not 100% certain I'll achieve it then, but I'm going to make aim for that period and see what happens.

Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 - a year in review

79.1kg, a gain of 500 grams from last week

I thought it might be interesting to look back at 2011 and see how my year went. To look properly though, I need to go back to about August - September 2010. Back then, I was watching as a very popular website that I used to regularly go to, the users developed a spreadsheet, where people could enter their weights and see how everyone was going. People could enter their weights twice a month. I thought that I would have no problems showing everyone how someone could lose weight. But then, nothing happened. I didn't really lose, and stopped entering my weight after a few months. I was embarrassed about my lack of progress.

However, I made a promise to myself. The promise was to restart in January 2011 and for each weigh-in, I'd be less than the previous reading. So starting in the new year, that's exactly what happened. My weight went up and down a bit but twice a month, each reading was lower than the previous reading. Sometimes I'd realise that my weight was too high, and I'd have to start a low carb diet, simply to lose a few kilograms for the weigh-in, then I'd go back to high carb again. I was also refining what I was eating. Small changes to hone in the perfect diet that I'd eat every day, and in the same quantities too.

I had my birthday, and a few days later, the earthquake happened. 181 people died, 6,500 people were injured and thousands had damaged homes, or lost jobs. 20% of Christchurch's population temporarily left the city. There were a huge number of aftershocks. All in all, it was pretty bad for a while. The pool where I swam closed, but that was the least of our worries. Just this morning, we had a 'swarm' of earthquakes. Probably 20-30 that you could feel. Usually it's not as bad as this, and sometimes you can go for 2-3 weeks before you felt an aftershock, then it all happens again.

A week after the earthquake, Becky had her birthday. From then on, I was in full-on weight loss mode. I had sorted what I was going to eat, and how much. Each of my weigh-ins on the social bookmarking website was less than the previous reading. I wanted to be the only person on that website who lost each subsequent reading, of the 500 starting.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. When I was attempting to enter the weight on the 1st of July, the spreadsheet didn't allow editing. Something was wrong. My motivation disappeared into thin air due to that simple thing happening. Surprising, isn't it? Ten days later, I told Becky that I wanted to be single, and we pretty much stopped talking for the next 3 weeks, until she moved out. That stress caused weight gain. More worries. I'd noticed that whenever I had money worries, I had this instinctive urge to eat bad food. I just couldn't help myself. Probably some evolved reaction to famine. For a month or so, I had money issues to worry about, which meant that I didn't eat properly.

While I was losing in the first half of 2010, I lost weight for 18 weeks in a row. That is exceptional for me. Before that, I'd managed 7 weeks. I put the difference down to eating the same thing every day.

My weight headed in the wrong direction for a while in the second half, and ended up about 10 kilograms heavier than what it had been. I guess it could have been worse. I've been losing (not totally consistently) since. I had a bit of a Christmas/New Year gain. That's fine.

I lost about 5.7 kilograms in 2011. 2.8kg in 2010 and about 6.5kg in the last 4 months of 2009. No one said that losing weight was easy.

So what have I got planned in 2012? Obviously reaching goal. But more than that. I want to finish my promise to myself. Each half month, I want to weigh less than I did previously. The online spreadsheet that I used in the past is obsolete now, you can now use it but only about 20 people bother. I also want to break my 18 weeks in a row loss record. I want to save up for a smartphone, and I plan on putting $1 in an old soft drink bottle next Monday when I lose. Each subsequent week, I put an amount that increases by $1, each time I lose weight. Finally, I want to complete the 100 days of running challenge I started a week ago.

So that's:
  1. Reach goal weight. May at the earliest, I'd say.
  2. Each half month, a weigh-in that's less than the previous one
  3. Try and break my 18 weeks in a row losses record, and save for a smartphone
  4. Finish the 100 days of running challenge
Speaking of challenges, this is the final post of the Give Yourself The Best Gift Challenge. How did I do? Well, I completed it! I lost about 4 kilograms in 13 weeks. No, that isn't a lot. But it's still a loss. More than that, I stuck to a long challenge. I'm presenting to myself this award: being able to display the image related to the challenge:

The image is now proudly displayed on the sidebar of this blog.