Friday, 9 December 2016

Weekly update #6

Things are going well, although my ankle is really sore and weak, walking is very slow even using crutches.  I am recovering but it's quite slow, I can see myself using the crutches at least for the next 3-4 weeks.

How did I go with my eating?

Saturday 5,555KJ excess 9,505

Sunday 6,874 kJ excess 10,379

Monday 5,570 kJ excess 9,949

Tuesday I had some nice food eaten away from home, I probably lost fat but not much

Wednesday same as Tuesday I had some nice food at a nearby mall, I probably lost fat though

Thursday 6,108 kJ excess 10,057

Friday 5,986 kJ excess 10,043

So I ate out twice in the last week, and I over ate the equivalent of about an apple.  I still need to not eat the equivalent of about 25 apples in order to get back to where I should be.

As for weighing myself, it's quite painful because I need to go somewhere where I can get an accurate reading, so I don't want to do that every day.

Even so, here are my weights:

Saturday  89.0 kg

Sunday  89.1 kg

Monday  89.0 kg

Tuesday  88.6 kg

Wednesday  88.5 kg
Friday  88.3 kg

So there is a bit of fluctuation from day to day, but a general downward trend.  At the moment I don't know what my loss per day seems to be, it's too early to calculate a number that is going to be accurate.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Weekly update #5

Just another update, I seem to be regular with my weekly updates at the moment, I'd really like to be consistent with them until goal weight.

Saturday 6,050KJ excess 10,599

Sunday 5,736KJ excess 10,335

Monday 5,956KJ excess 10,291

Tuesday 5,659KJ excess 9,950

3,652KJ of normal food eaten, and as well I went out to post the wifi modem, my first time outside my home in 20 days, a lifetime record.  After posting the modem, I treated myself to a coffee and slice, something that I hadn't had in 29 days.  So I'm okay with having that, what I noticed was though that the slice was extremely sugary.  I tasted like it was pure sugar.  Given that most slices aren't like that, my taste senses had been dulled by constant sugar intake, and after such a delay, I was now sensitive to any sweetness.  I have had problems with constant sugar consumption, and being unable to go as much as a day away from sugar, so it's nice to experience not having sugar for so long, and knowing that it doesn't affect me adversely.

4,176KJ of normal food eaten, in addition I went to the hospital to have my x-ray and get my cast removed.  I was releaved to hear that the x-ray was showing normal progress and it was nice to get rid of the cast.  I still need crutches though, and some movements are painful.  So after 6 weeks, my first (and hopefully last) cast gets removed.  I then head to a mall (by taxi) and have some nice food as a way to celebrate being able to walk again.

2,752KJ of normal food eaten, I had to go out to something, afterwards I treated myself to another coffee and slice, third day in a row.  Don't worry, this won't be typical.  Then I went to the cinema, I usually go once a week but I really missed going, I hadn't been in at least 6 weeks.  I missed the cinema more than I missed sugar, no doubt about it, and I decided to not see what was showing because I didn't want to know what I was missing.  I was able to drive so that helped a lot.

Today isn't finished yet, but I was able to weigh myself.  89.0kg, so I definitely have lost weight in the last roughly two months since I weighed myself.  I will weigh myself daily to get a feel for how fast I am losing weight, at least for the next week.  Then I'll progress over to every second day and then third and see how that goes.

So this week I've eaten treats three times, and under eaten for the other 4 days.  I tend to think of weight loss as watching what I eat, and watching my weight, I can do both now.

The plan is simple - aim for 6,000KJ each day, and weigh myself often.  Of course, I know that problems can occur, usually stress related, and that's what causes over eating.  Stress or depression.

So there you have it, I'm almost back to normality.  Approximately 23Kg to lose, not a large amount.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Weekly update #4

Another boring update, not much to say, still stuck at home and travel is quite difficult, unfortuntately my wifi modem failed which means internet browsing 24/7 is severely curtailed, while watching my favourite Youtube channels (or any Youtube videos for that matter) is completely off the list.

I ate slightly more than I should have this week, not a lot though.  Some days I am hungrier than others, even though I am eating pretty much the same thing.

Sunday 5,440KJ excess 8,790

Monday 5,385KJ excess 8,175

Tuesday 7,695KJ excess 9,870

Wednesday 6,465KJ excess 10,335

Thursday 5,936KJ excess 10,271

Friday 6,278KJ excess 10,549

So my excess kilojoules is slowly marching up, about 1,000KJ (roughly 2 apples worth) in a week.  I went against my desire to not eat ice cream on Tuesay, but I did manage to slow down the effect of it before then.

Being stuck at home for 5 weeks (except trips to the hospital for x-rays, and an exam) has had an effect on my mental health, no doubt about it. I'm just so unmotivated.  Lying in bed tricks the brain to think it's time to do nothing important.

Theoretically, I'll have my cast off on Thursday.  This coming week I've got lots of things to eat, Monday I'll be taking the wifi modem to the post office to send away, and I'll treat myself to something nice in a cafe just near the post office.  Tuesday I'll have more ice cream, and then Thursday I'll have (I really hope so) my cast off.  That means I'll treat myself, and Friday, a special project starts and I'll treat myself then too.  I don't expect to lose much weight next week but really, I don't know if I'm losing weight at all right now.  I'm almost certainly not gaining.  I don't know if I gained weight in the hospital, maybe a little bit.

See you next week, assuming that I can weigh myself, I'll post my weight on Sunday after weighing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Weekly update #3

Just another update of how I'm eating, although this week I've skipped the actual items since I'm not in a mood to be judged for eating too much of something and not enough of something else.  In other words, my diet is not perfect!  I'm still bedridden, feeling bored and unmotivated.  It's hard to do things when you're always in bed.

I was 6,840 kilojoules in excess of what I should be eating, as shown last week.  Let's see how I did:

Saturday 5,984KJ excess 6,824

Sunday 5,696KJ excess 6,520

Monday 5,786KJ excess 6,306

Tuesday 9,387KJ excess 9,693

Wednesday 5,987KJ excess 9680

Thursday 6,102KJ excess 9,782

Friday 5,770KJ excess 9,552

Saturday 5,798KJ excess 9,350

You will notice that there were only two days where I was above my allowance of 6,000KJ.  Want to guess what I had on Tuesday?  You guessed it, ice cream, like last week.  I think that I should really just give up on ice cream completely or buy small ice creams rather than tubs.  It's just not worth it.

It did occur to me that maybe I'm eating more than expected because typically manufacturers put a greater quantity than stated in their food to allow for variations of weight and only a small percentage are less than the stated weight.  I don't know what I'm actually eating, probably 5-7% more than what I think, who knows.  I don't have a kitchen scale with me.

At the moment, I'm 9,350KJ above my food allowance.  That's quite a bit, it's going to take about 3 weeks to get rid of that.  I don't want to get it so high that I need to "wipe the slate clean".

See you next week.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Weekly update #2

A week after my previous posting, I'm still bedridden at my little room with not much to do.  I went to the hospital for an x-ray but apart from that I haven't been out, nor do I want to because I feel unsafe walking on crutches with just one foot plus it's exhausting.

I have controlled my eating well in the last week, with one exception.  I had my support worker arrive on Tuesday and do some things, I got him to buy ice cream, and I consumed it just that day, because my freezer section in my refrigerator isn't worth using.  The ice cream was 8,000KJ, and in addition I ate other food as well.  I am currently about 6,000KJ over my allowance which equates to about 160 grams of pure fat that I wouldn't have lost.

This is of course assuming all kilojoule calculations are perfect, which they are unlikely to be.  I could be losing faster than expected, I could be losing slower.  I really do think that I am losing something, but who knows how much it is.  I can't weigh myself until my cast is taken off, 3 weeks from now.

I am experiencing hunger each day but that's 100% normal, and doesn't mean that I'm going to starve.  I'll just hang on for the next 20 days and then see what I weigh.  Fingers crossed that I've actually lost something.

Saturday 7,500KJ excess 1,500
Apples 842
Tuna 948
Beetroot 1,035
Special K 806
Orange juice 3,232
Sardines 637

Sunday 5,815KJ excess 1315
Special K 806
Apple 842
Milk 865
Tuna 680
Peas 780
Chickpeas 1203
Sardines 639

Monday 6,200KJ excess 1515
Special K 1612
Apple 1684
Milk 865
Tuna 680
Peas 780
Beetroot 579

Tuesday 11,541KJ excess 7,056
Breakfast Special K 806
Ice cream 8660
Apple 421
Tuna 948
two new apples 706

Wednesday 5,646 excess 6,702
Breakfast Special K 1612
Apples 706
Tuna 948
Tomato juice 1250
Orange juice 1130

Thursday 6,375 excess 7,077
Breakfast Special K 1612 (new packet)
Apples 1059
Orange juice 1130
Tuna 948
Peas 1626

Friday 5,763 excess 6,840
Special K 1612
Orange juice 2260
Apple 1059
Tuna 832

Saturday, 5 November 2016


About 2 weeks ago I broke my ankle.  I slipped over in the wet wearing jandals.  I called a taxi while lying on the ground outside my home, and went to hospital.  There I stayed for a whopping 6 nights/7 days.  That does seem a long time for a broken ankle, I had my foot in a cast and entered a child-like state when I was totally reliant on other people for a long time.  I stayed in hospital for so long because it was a holiday weekend, meaning the holiday was on a Monday and people (ie physiotherapists and occupational therapists) take the long weekend off work.  Also I live alone and needed to be trained up on the various tools they gave me when I left the hospital.

After leaving hospital I crammed for my mathematics exam (it's not realistic to study in bed while in hospital), had my exam (foot propped up on another chair with my pillow underneath) and I applied for an aegrotat because of the reduction in study time.  Because of my living situation, I am in one smallish room with everything that I need inside this room.  Food, water, and toileting are all here with me.  So much fun!

Once a week someone comes and does what's needed, and buys my food.  This is where I have control over my weight loss.  I haven't bought a lot of sugary items although everything that I'm eating can't be refrigerated so goodbye to fresh vegetables although I am eating fruit but not too much fibre please.

Starting today I'm aiming for 6,000 KJ per day, I should be losing weight at that amount, although it may be rather slow.  I can't weigh myself so that's a negative.  When I have my cast taken off, and don't need crutches I can see how much I weigh.

I will post a weekly summary of what I'm eating, see you next weekend.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Week 1

It's been 4 months without postings, what's been happening?  I gained weight (no surprises there), roughly at the rate of about one kilogram a month.

Last Friday, 26th August, something clicked and I started weighing myself and losing weight again.  Currently it's day 5.  Day 1 I weighed 24.0kg above goal weight (90kg) and today, day 5 I weigh 23.0kg above goal weight.  I was the heaviest weight I'd been in probably 5-6 years.  It's hard to imagine (and hard to understand why) I was only 4 kilograms from my heaviest weight ever.

I really don't know what's going on inside my head about why I continually gained since my Singapore holiday almost a year ago.  I don't want to psychoanalyse myself, it seems like weight loss motivation is almost random.

I don't like looking backwards as it always makes me feel sad.  Let's look forward.

I want to weigh daily for the next month or so until I get a rhythm going with weight loss.   That means, the most successful weight loss method I have ever used, eating the same thing every day.

18 weeks of continual weight loss is rather uncommon.  That happened to me when I used that, I want it to happen again.

I want to exercise, every day, without fail.  Let's see how many days in a row I can exercise.  Today, I want to run 2 minutes, and walk 3 minutes, for an effective run of 3 minutes in terms of energy used.  One minute run, 3 minutes walk, one minute run.  Tomorrow I want to increase that by 2 minutes, and every day after that, until I reach 30 minutes a day of running equivalent.

I want to post on the blog weekly, ideally on a Sunday.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Week two update

A slightly late update of now my weight loss is going

Wednesday 13th April 19.8kg to lose
Thursday 14th 19.4kg
Sunday 17th 18.9kg
Monday 18th 19.1kg

So I am definitely losing weight, but it's rather slow, and I haven't gone low carb yet.

Of course, it's taking longer than I would like.

This is just a short posting, more later on.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Week one update

So I have weighed myself and the results aren't pretty.  They aren't atrocious, just something that I didn't want to see again.  I hit 20+kg above goal weight.  I am the definition of a yo-yo dieter.

Friday 8th April 86.4kg (20.4kg above goal weight)
Saturday 9th 86.25kg
Monday 11th 85.6kg

I haven't reached full low carb, and I am having a reward meal whenever I lose half a kilogram, so I have had one so far, plus also I have something nice on a Sunday, the end of the working week for me.

So I am losing weight right now, and that's good, but I have a long, long way to go.

One motivation is that I won't have a haircut until I weigh less than I did at the previous haircut, I am overdue, so there's that to help me.

I will probably update once a week, plus exercise will happen in the next couple of week.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Things aren't going to plan...

It's been a whopping four months since I have posted.  That's really long and I look back and see a number of issues, and subsequent weight gain.  This blog is about weight loss!  Not weight gain.  But we've all been there.

I won't blather on about the whys and what fors, basically I worked out what was the problem with my eating pattern.  From now on, I will post what I am eating regularly here on the blog.  I managed to lose weight using this blog, and I don't see why that can't happen again.

Weigh-in is on Sunday morning, I'll be going low carb until then.  I think that I have reached a level of sugar dependency that is unhealthy and costly, too.  Low carb should be able to control most of that.

So yeah, I'm back, ready for action, and about to lose weight and get back to goal weight.  I will post an update on Sunday.  See you then.