Saturday, 5 November 2016


About 2 weeks ago I broke my ankle.  I slipped over in the wet wearing jandals.  I called a taxi while lying on the ground outside my home, and went to hospital.  There I stayed for a whopping 6 nights/7 days.  That does seem a long time for a broken ankle, I had my foot in a cast and entered a child-like state when I was totally reliant on other people for a long time.  I stayed in hospital for so long because it was a holiday weekend, meaning the holiday was on a Monday and people (ie physiotherapists and occupational therapists) take the long weekend off work.  Also I live alone and needed to be trained up on the various tools they gave me when I left the hospital.

After leaving hospital I crammed for my mathematics exam (it's not realistic to study in bed while in hospital), had my exam (foot propped up on another chair with my pillow underneath) and I applied for an aegrotat because of the reduction in study time.  Because of my living situation, I am in one smallish room with everything that I need inside this room.  Food, water, and toileting are all here with me.  So much fun!

Once a week someone comes and does what's needed, and buys my food.  This is where I have control over my weight loss.  I haven't bought a lot of sugary items although everything that I'm eating can't be refrigerated so goodbye to fresh vegetables although I am eating fruit but not too much fibre please.

Starting today I'm aiming for 6,000 KJ per day, I should be losing weight at that amount, although it may be rather slow.  I can't weigh myself so that's a negative.  When I have my cast taken off, and don't need crutches I can see how much I weigh.

I will post a weekly summary of what I'm eating, see you next weekend.

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