Monday, 5 August 2013

The rainy season has arrived

71.0kg, 5kg over goal weight

In the last month, it's been raining quite a bit.  That's good for me, because before that started, I was finding it just a bit too warm here in the Philippines.  It's noticeably cooler.  Usually here, it rains at night, and it's not just a light drizzle.  We're talking loud rain, water everywhere rain.  Over the next 9 months, it will rain less and less, until the cycle will repeat itself.

I've always known that it's hard to get started with weight loss, and you need to have the right mindset to get started, and to continue.  You can't force it.  I gave up on the 1kg/month goal, and decided to just do the easy thing - lose weight every week.  I did that back in 2011 and made it for 18 weeks, I decided to just try and do that, losing weight every week, and see what happens.  Currently I've achieved 3 weeks in a row.  I'm weighing daily, which is a good sign.

I really believe that after achieving goal weight back in September last year, I was pretty much burnt out of the weight loss thing, it's hard work, draining, and sometimes you just need a rest from it.  That's why I stopped weighing myself regularly.  It's nice to know that I can handle daily weighing again.

Life here in the Philippines is nice, but there are a number of things from back home that I really miss.  Probably the biggest thing would be my car.  The ability to get in your car and drive 1km or 100km is really powerful.  People in the Philippines have not yet developed a taste for maps for their public transport.  So there is a bit of "I don't really know how to get to where I want to go".  There is a lot of guesswork involved.  Plus the fact that I don't really know where north is.  I've lost my sense of direction.  That's because back in NZ I knew which direction was north was, just by looking at the sun.  Being on the equator has its disadvantages.  That's why I bought a smartphone, with GPS a few days ago.  I'm sure that it will be very handy, it's nice to see a map showing where I am.

Life with Miss Mindanao is good, we have fallen into a routine, and we're having a good time together.  Going to karaoke, shopping together, that sort of thing.  One thing I wish we could do, but it seems to can't, is go for walks together.  There is a serious lack of green space here.  Parks.  Christchurch has a heap of parks, including a huge one in the middle of the city that was gifted to the city back when it was first founded.

Philippine people have yet to discover certain aspects of urban living, as well.  The road near my home is being dug up, and replaced by concrete slabs.  So what did they do with the old chunks of tarseal and gravel?  Leave it by the side of the road, that's what.