Sunday, 25 October 2015

Restart (~100)

Current weight: about 77kg, 11kg above goal weight

Back in Christchurch, after my 2 1/2 week trip to Singapore to meet the lady I met in the Philippines.  How did it go?  Mostly okay.  Our meeting in Singapore didn't go to plan due to multiple mistakes on both of our parts.  Our planes arrived 90 minutes apart and the plan was to go through immigration together. Sadly that didn't happen and all number of issues came along to stress me out. She literally disappeared and I didn't know where she was or which country she was in.  So I was in a major grump for the next 12 hours.  Anyway after I got over that we had a great time together.  18 months apart and next meeting planned for 2 years from now.  So every moment counted. Miss Philippines (let's call her) had never been out of the country so I wanted her to see what another country looked like.  Singapore is just your basic large city in a wealthy country with no countryside.  The MRT (commuter rail) was incredibly easy to use and efficient and low cost.  Also our hotel was only 10 minutes walk from the nearest MRT station which made life easy.

We did the usual tourist things. Gardens by the Bay would happen to be the best tourist attraction I have ever come across.  I saw it in a film about 4 months ago and decided to go there simply because I never visit major film locations, being in the Southern Hemisphere.  It exceeded expectations by a wide margin.  We had a great time there.

I got sick for 5 days (3 days of a cold and having some vomiting & dizziness for the other 2 days).  Apart from that everything went swimmingly.  Our future is rather uncertain though as she has family commitments in the Philippines.  Expect to hear about her in 2 years time.  Maybe.

I didn't actively diet in Singapore, nor did I expect to.  I may have gained maybe half a kilogram while I was there.  Not a big deal.  I also had about 40 hours in Melbourne, Australia on the way home.  I have never been to Australia before so it was nice to finally see what it was like.  Very similar to New Zealand.

So I am back home now.  Dieting.  My body has been "emptying out" so to speak so I am losing weight quickly at the moment.  I will be going low carb and seeing how that goes. As a guesstimate, goal day is about 100 days from now which would mean February 2nd next year.  Tomorrow I return to the gym.

I will check in again in the next week to month.

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