Friday, 30 June 2017

Well, I did it

I haven't really lost weight in the last 4 weeks, the reason was that I moved, temporarily, and that meant that I didn't have easy access to the gym or a scale for that matter.

My own personal goal is to lose weight every calendar month, I peaked in February and lost weight in March, April and May.   Could I lose weight in June?  The easy way to ensure that I could was to go low carb, and the water weight loss would ensure that I would be a new low in June.  Mission accomplished.

Of course it's not fat loss, but that's not a big issue for me.  I just want to lose weight every month.  Today I weighed 83.5 kilograms, 17.5 kilograms above goal weight.

I really want to see if I can go low carb, 100 days in a row.  Let's call it my 100 day low carb challenge.  Starting the 1st of July.

Sorry about the brevity of this post, not much to tell you.  I'm consistently losing weight, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  But I'm consistently losing, which is the main thing.  See you soon.

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