Sunday, 9 September 2018

Weekly weigh-in number 8

89.5 kg, a gain of 500 grams from last week.

I happened to eat quite a lot of chips last night, which is the likely cause of my gain this morning.  That's fine, but I am eating more than maintenance.  Not a huge amount, but it's having an affect on my weight.  I need to keep my intake below maintenance, and I need to plan my meals better.

Another thing which I need to do is reduce my sugar intake.  I calculated my intake today as 94 grams, which is way too much.  I need to cut that back to zero, ideally.  By sugar I mean sweet food made from corn or cane stalks or whatever.  I don't mean the sugar in an apple, as an example.

I'm estimating my metabolism, and I'm on day 6 so far.  I was hoping that my average number (calculated from what I ate yesterday minus today's gain multiplied by 30,500) would have stabilised by now, but the number is all over the place.  Hopefully it'll be relatively constant in a week or two.

See you next week.

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