Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Weekly weigh-in #4

So last Thursday's weight wasn't lower than the previous one, sadly, and unexpectedly, I gained.


That's disappointing, breaking my 6 week streak of losing every week.

I thought that I would try exercise, to speed up the weight loss.  Also I'll be posting what I eat here from now on, as a motivation.  Of course, when I restart a diet, I always have nice food to eat.  Today is no exception.  I'm not working today, so my goal today is to go for a run, and also go for a walk.  The run only needs to be one minute long, not a big deal.  After a month, I'll be running for 30 minutes in one go.

I'll also be posting daily for a while.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading about your progress. :)

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog and love your blog's description line, under your title :) I've been maintaining an almost 60lb loss for around two years now, and I figure I have around 40 years to go lol.